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Now available in english language!

It was just a feedback sent by a customer who reported a little bug in the system; however, it was enough to not only fix that bug, but set a complete relaunch of the 420 Store in motion.

So, we are proud and happy to present the new 420 Store! First of all, you´ll notice the new design; but, much more important, we improved the customer-friendliness by making the 420 Store availabla inenglish language, too.

Furthermore, we took care of the feedback sent by customers who had some issues while purchasing downloadable songs by using their iOS devices. So, we added the possibility to choose between normal mp3-files and zip-files that can be opened and played back on iOS devices without using iTunes. (There´s a lot of free apps to handle zip-files on your mobile device.)

That´s not all: we have some new hot products in our pipeline that will be released soon- Let yourself be surprised!

All the best,

your 420 Store team

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    1. Thanks for your comment and: SORRY for this big delay – our system showed a comment available, but it didn´t show the comment itself; however, after a major system update, we were finally able to read the comment. Here´s the answer: normally we track the orders for our own control; we´re working on sending you the tracking number automatically, keeping your data protection in mind. There is no tracking number available before closing your order. After you received our email that your order has been finished, you can ask us anytime for your tracking number.

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