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On our own behalf

A sigh of relief – finally, the CDs are arrived and by now, the proceeding of all orders is done! We are deeply sorry for our customers who had to be patient – some of them waited for four weeks for the delivery of their ordered (and paid!) CDs.

What happened? It´s about the CD “Live In Spain 2016” by The MAGIC of SANTANA. The official release date was Feb 16th, 2017 – and we were working flat out to get the 420 Store online in time. Well, there´s still a lot work left to do to keep it smooth, but the main thing was: keep it running!

There was a little problem: not only the press plant didn´t deliver the CDs in time – they didn´t deliver at all! In fact, we´re waiting till this very day. Oh, boy!

So, we had to make a decision. We took additional work and money and asked another press plant to deliver CDs as soon as possible. And they did.

So, all that is left for us, is to say sorry again. We really are thankful for the patience of our customers. They will be rewarded with a product that is worth waiting for. Did we learn something? Yes, we did: from now on, we´ll provide an option for pre-order when new products are awaited.

All the best,

the 420 Store Team

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