The MAGIC of SANTANA – Live at the GROH Hall (Download Album)

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One of the best shows The MAGIC of SANTANA ever performed! Watch Europe’s No.1 SANTANA Show hit the roof during an awesome performance fully loaded with pure energy! On the setlist you´ll find the great hits like Black Magic Woman and Maria, Maria, as well as those precious treasures, such as Singing Winds, Crying Beasts. Are you into goosebumps? Voilà: with both Alex Ligertwood and Tony Lindsay performing high-emotional ballads together, like Somewhere In Heaven and Make Somebody Happy you can laugh, cry and shiver – all at the same time!

It doesn´t matter if you´re a big Santana fan or not. You will definetely enjoy the presence of not only one, but two formerly lead singers with Santana. Alex Ligertwood joined Santana between 1979 and 1994; Tony Lindsay was Santana´s lead singer for over twenty years before he left the group in 2015. Tony and Alex performed together on Santana´s album Milagro; however, they practically never hit the stage together. So, playing with The MAGIC of SANTANA is really special – for the singers, for the band and, of course, for the audience as well!

The MAGIC of SANTANA take you to a wonderful journey. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the feeling. Enjoy the trip. Sing along, clap your hands and dance!

Recorded on March 16th, 2017 at the GROH Hall in Buchholz (Germany).

TRACKLIST: 1. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts 2. Black Magic Woman 3. Gypsy Queen 4. Evil Ways 5. Maria, Maria 6. Hold On 7. Somewhere In Heaven 8. She’s Not There 9. Toussaint L’Overture 10. É Papa Ré 11. Everybody’s Everything 12. Make Somebody Happy

Gerd Schlüter (Lead-Gitarre, Gesang) Alex Ligertwood (Lead- Gesang, Gitarre, Small Percussion) Tony Lindsay (Lead-Gesang, Small Percussion) Andreas Rohde (Timbales, Percussion, Gesang) Jürgen Pfitzinger (Congas, Percussion) Pablo Escayola (Congas, Percussion, Gesang) Martin Hohmeier (Bass) Oliver Steinwede (Drums) Oliver Schröder (Gitarre, Gesang, Small Percussion) Jens Skwirblies (Hammond Organ, Keyboards)

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